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The Woonsocket Community Center Calendar is online for scheduling. If you would like to reserve the Center for an event, email


     Fundraising is underway for an expansion of the Community Center to an Event Center here in Woonsocket. The theater addition will be added onto the north end of the existing Woonsocket Community Center. The new addition consists of a stage area, dressing rooms, and a storage room. Several contributions have been made and the committee has received positive feedback about the project. We are fortunate to have performing arts programs establishing Woonsocket as a progressive community building for both current and future generations to enjoy community theatre, music, drama, and a wide range of community events.
     The theater project committee decided to fundraise by using a Giving Tree which will be represented on the east wall of the community center. Gold, silver, and bronze metal leaves will represent donor names. Donations can be made on behalf of businesses, individuals, families, groups, memorials, etc. Gold leaves will be designated for a donation of $1,000, silver leaves for a donation of $500, and bronze leaves for a donation of $100. More than one leaf can be represented through the donations. To date, over $35,000 has been received through community donations. Construction is underway.
     Donations can be made through the Woonsocket Development Corporation and sent to: Gay Swenson- 23020 397th Ave- Woonsocket, SD 57385. If you have any questions, please contact Supt. Rod Weber at the school- 796-4431 or email


Water Festival 2016 Schedule of Events


*Would you like to give a memorial to the community of Woonsocket in memory or honor of a loved one?  Check out our options for giving:  a bathhouse tile, a picnic table, or to the community library.



*Woonsocket Legion Bingo, 2nd Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm, Community Center.



In July, 2008, Woonsocket celebrated its Quasicentennial or 125th!  Click here to see the logo that was designed for the celebration.


In 2006, the Woonsocket School District built a new high school.  The high school connects with the gym, library, and fitness center.  See here for pictures of the school.  High School Project   Watch for more pictures coming soon.


The City of Woonsocket and the Woonsocket School District joined forces to build a combined public and school library, and fitness center, which is connected to the Woonsocket High School and the National Guard Armory.  This is just one of the many ways our community is investing in its future.  Click here for more information and pictures:  Library Project


The City of Woonsocket completed a community improvement project for the swimming area at Lake Prior. The renovations include a filtrated concrete swimming area, triple flume water slide, a kiddy slide and new playground equipment.  The pool is now open, the playground area is complete, and a new bathhouse was completed for summer 2007.  A walkway is completed around the lake, which leads to an island that features a gazebo.  See pictures of the progress of the project here:  Lake Prior Project


A fund drive was established at First National Bank South Dakota to raise money for a “Floating Fountain,” which replicates the World’s Largest Artesian Well” of the past.  The Floating Fountain is installed and working.  See more here:  Well Fund Project


The old railroad depot building has been moved by Lake Prior.  The plan is to renovate the building and make it a museum.  See pictures:  Depot Project


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