Duplex Units

For Sale

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Newly constructed Duplex units for sale at 503 & 504 Southwest Court, Woonsocket, SD:   Cozy 1008 sq ft home located in quiet neighborhood: 2 bedrooms, 720 sq ft attached garage and storage area, all handicap accessible.  Close to school, post office, nursing home, and Court House.  Woonsocket City has several amenities to offer, such as: health clinic, grocery store that offers free delivery, hardware, lumber & supplies, restaurant, vehicle repair shops, lake for fishing, swimming pool, and much more.   Interested parties, please contact Gay or Jackie at 605/796-4422, Ray at 796-4615, or Gay at 605/770-2205


The pictures below show the schematic of the current duplex units that are ready for sale in brown.  The blue schematics show the future plan for additional units.  Check back for actual pictures of the completed units.